The Backstory

Isles was founded by Callum Hutson, professional mixologist, and is the realisation of a lifelong dream to start and run a successful business.

Callum has spent years in the drinks industry. His journey began at The PIG Hotel, where he joined as a bartender. A quick learner and soon drawn to the creative side of drinks, he soon began mixing kitchen garden inspired cocktails.

The Pig Hotel’s ethos has a huge emphasis and commitment to home grown and local produce. Their Kitchen Garden concept and ever-changing seasonal menu is what influenced our cocktail menu and shaped his approach to mixing drinks.

The hotel does not conform to standard ways of making drinks by only using fruits, but also incorporating vegetables and herbs as much as possible. The kitchen gardeners would come into the bar daily to tell the team what was nearly ready for harvesting, and there would often be disputes with the kitchen for the latest produce!

From here, he moved to a small non-alcoholic drinks brand and spent much of his time developing cocktail recipes with their rapidly growing number of stockists. He worked with some of the country's most beloved hotel, restaurant, bar and pub groups, and became an expert in low-abv and low calorie drinks. Flavour balance was key while helping to pave the way a new style of cocktail.

From there, the business was born during the Covid-19 pandemic when access to the hospitality industry has been severely hindered by the restrictions in place. With this, combined with a lack of not overly sweet mixed drinks available in the market, Callum set about developing the recipes during lockdown from his mum’s kitchen in the Essex countryside, where he grew up. Months of development and refinement later, he has now released his debut collection.