ISLES - Launch Press Release 30.10.2020

ISLES Premium Canned Cocktails are carefully crafted from the very best artisan gin and natural ingredients that our humble island has to offer. The result is an impeccably balanced cocktail that’s never too sweet, never too sharp, but always less that 95 calories.

Blended by top mixologists, ISLES proudly celebrate the world class British Isles produce that we have available to us. Already available for purchase on, the newly launched debut collection – featuring ‘The Bittersweet’ and ‘The Refresher’ – stand up to the creations of highly revered cocktail movers and shakers found in some of the best bars around.

Both drinks are gently effervescent, always naturally flavoured and star a handpicked range of carefully blended spirits and ingredients which tackle head on the overly sugary canned cocktails that crowd the supermarket shelves today.

ISLES, from its roots to its production, is sustainably conscious, flavour obsessed and maverick in its creations. Our originality is refreshing for consumers, in both senses of the word.