Coming Soon

We have been working hard over at Isles HQ to develop and create some category leading alcoholic mixed drinks. Making cocktails isn't new to us here, infact we have designed hundreds of cocktails in collaboration with some of the country's best loved bar, restaurant and hotel groups. We have brought all that experience from our time working with other industry experts and applied it to create canned cocktails worthy of a top cocktail bar.

Our speciality for the last few years has been to design healthier options for those drinking and looking for low sugar and lower calorie options, but who do not want to compromise on flavour. Our drinks deliver on complex delicious flavours, using the best ingredients we can get our hands on, at less than 95 calories per can.

If you're thinking this sounds exciting and can't wait to try them, then don't worry, we will be opening up our online shop in just under 2 weeks!